Stop Smoking For Good

At Quit For Good, we offer a customized stop smoking session because it is our experience that a “one size fits all” approach does not provide the effectiveness of offering a more flexible and customized approach.

Our stop smoking program is designed to get to the underlying cause of your smoking habit, that is the difference between the work we do and the many other methods that are available to help you to stop smoking.

Many of the well-known methods that are available to help you to stop smoking are in some way similar to the average gardener who decides to cut his/her grass in order to remove the many weeds in the garden. The lawn mower comes by and mows the weeds away, (smoking habit) but given time they grow back again and sometimes stronger.

Our stop smoking program is totally different because it's just like a weed killer that is able to kill the weed (smoking habit) at the root so that it can never return again. So ask yourself; "Would you like to stop smoking for a couple of weeks or for good?"

This is a unique opportunity to Quit For Good!

What Happens During The Session?

By combining the latest research in hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), we offer an exclusive and unique, individualized stop smoking session which consists of three parts.

The first part of the session is where we talk about your smoking habit and how it fits in with your life. We find out about what situations or feelings trigger you to smoke; the reasons you want to stop smoking and the benefits you want to receive from being a non-smoker. This information will then be used to tailor your hypnosis session to your personal needs, making it much more powerful and effective because your subconscious mind will be able to relate to it in your life.

The second part of the session is used to explain how your mind works and how it causes you to keep smoking when you don’t want to. We also discuss the emotions linked to smoking and why this is a major factor for those people that put on weight when they stop smoking, thus helping you to avoid weight gain. We finish the second part of the session by helping you to understand just how hypnosis works and why it will work for you.

The third part of the session is used to guide you into a relaxed state and then to communicate the change that you want to your subconscious mind. The suggestions that will be given to you during this part of the session will be customized to your needs and your wants.

How Will I Feel After The Session?

What we have discovered is that after clients have attended our stop smoking program they will generally fall into one of three categories.

The first category is normally for about seventy percent of our clients. These are the clients that come for their hypnosis session and leave feeling as if they have never smoked. They don't think about smoking, they don't have any withdrawal symptoms and they don't get irritable. These clients tell us that they remember smoking but even though they remember smoking it feels as if they have been a non-smoker for their full life.

The second category is normally for about twenty percent of our clients. These clients tell us that after the session they felt like a non-smoker but for the first couple of weeks it felt strange. They may say that it felt strange for the first couple of weeks to get up in the morning and not to have a cigarette or to get in their car and not to have a cigarette. This is not because they are missing a cigarette but because they are creating a new habit pattern in their life. This strange feeling is similar to the feeling you get when you fold your arms in the opposite way to what is natural, so your right arm is over your left arm or your left arm is over your right arm.

About 10 percent of our clients normally fall in the third category. These clients have their hypnosis session and leave feeling like they are a non-smoker but every now and again they may get a craving for a cigarette. These clients normally say that every once in while they get a slight craving for a cigarette but the craving does not last long. As human beings, we get cravings all the time but we do not always act upon these cravings. It's similar to being in a bank queue and you get this urge to tell everybody to hurry up, but you don't act upon that urge, it comes and then it goes.

What we have found at Quit For Good is the category that a client will fall into will normally match their determination to stop smoking. Those clients that are really determined to stop smoking will generally fall into the first category. Whilst those clients that are not really sure that they want to stop smoking may fall into category two or three.

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